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"This Is My House" ft Niki Harris, Donna De Lory & Initial Talk from Bright Light Bright Light

Saturday 28th March 2020

Release date: Out now Label: YSKWN! / Rod Thomas


Bright Light Bright Light launches his fourth album (following 2016's #1 Indie Breaker album 'Choreography') with a track featuring two music legends and one of dance music's fastest rising producers. 

'This Was My House' features Niki Haris (also of Snap! fame) and Donna De Lory who are burst into the limelight as Madonna's iconic backing singers for the Blonde Ambition tour, getting ample airtime in the game-changing 'In Bed With Madonna / Truth Or Dare' documentary. Written about how safe spaces for LGBTQ+ and immigrants have been fractured in recent years, the song is also a love-letter to the LGBTQ+ pioneers that gave us the visibility to begin with and the club kids who changed nightlife forever in 80s/90s New York. Initial Talk produces the Album Version and Extended Remix.

The song introduces just three of the many guests on Bright Light Bright Light's forthcoming album, released through his new label YSKWN! in partnership with Megaforce Records and The Orchard.

Craig & Scott

Posted by Craig Jones